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It's the best time of the year...
I don't know if there will be snow, but have a cup of cheer!
by fo my pizz da playa December 26, 2003
Originally celebrated the birth of Christ. Now a time for little kids and the like to get overexcited about the arrival of a magical, bearded fat man who shimmies down their chimney to toss a bunch of presents under a big, green tree full of pine needles that otherwise wouldn't be allowed as a centerpiece for the living room.
by Realgoodone December 17, 2011
Christmas was suppose to be celebrating Jesus's birthday (though this isn't the correct date, that's still what it was suppose to be celebrating.) However, non-Christians celebrate it because they saw we give out presents. (Actually, there are a few people who see it for other good things, but most people wouldn't celebrate it if it wasn't for the gifts.) We give out gifts to remember the gift God gave us- His Son, Jesus, who died for our sins.
by A random somebody September 02, 2005
The severly and sadly skewed celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Over the past century, western society has gradually warped this very important holiday into a disgusting commercial event. The once potent and religious importance of this time has been eaten away by the heart of Corporate America. Capitalism has twisted Christmas into means to make as much money as possible.
I hope that I get everything I want this year, like that Old Navy hoodie, after I spent so much money on buying expensive gifts for my family last year.
by DC December 20, 2003
The day we celebrate the birth of a man who loved every living thing with the genocide of pine trees.
Timmy: Daddy, why are we killing a tree?
Dad: To celebrate christmas, the birth of the man who loved all living things, son.
Timmy: ... What?
by StraightEdger52 December 01, 2011
The hypocrisy day. The time of the year where it's mandatory to spend a lot of money for all the people you care about to prove you love them. If you don't celebrate it you're a weirdo.
But...it's Christmas!
by madeforreal January 29, 2011
The Punchline at the end of the Joke.
Could this year get any worse? oh look, It's Christmas
by S. A. Jackson December 25, 2007