Originally celebrated the birth of Christ. Now a time for little kids and the like to get overexcited about the arrival of a magical, bearded fat man who shimmies down their chimney to toss a bunch of presents under a big, green tree full of pine needles that otherwise wouldn't be allowed as a centerpiece for the living room.
by Realgoodone December 17, 2011
My favorite holiday and time of year. A holiday created by the early Christian Church to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, around 6-3 B.C. This is the REAL meaning of the holiday and it has NOTHING to do with an old, fat geezer giving gifts to kids. Jesus was NOT born on December 25th, as many people believe. That is just the date that was selected by the early Church to remember his birth. He was actually born sometime in the Spring, to fulfill prophecy.

Christmas is a time people present gifts to each other to commemerate God's gift to humanity--Jesus, God's begotten Son. The Christmas tree represents Christ's sacrifice on the cross. The red colors we see signify his shed blood.

The legend of Santa Clause is almost entirely pegan and has almost NOTHING to do with Jesus. The idea of Santa Clause came from Saint Nicholas in the Middle Ages, who gave gifts to children at Christmas. The idea of flying reindeer guided by one that has a red nose as a light is complete hogwash. And I have no idea how the sleigh came about. Santa Clause is depicted as an old, fat man with a white beard and likes to eat snacks left by children on Christmas Eve. According to urban legend, Santa Clause will not drop by until all all children are asleep.

I have no idea how the idea of stockings and coal came about.
No matter what Christmas means to people, it is the most celebrated holiday of the year.
by krock1dk November 04, 2007
Christmas was suppose to be celebrating Jesus's birthday (though this isn't the correct date, that's still what it was suppose to be celebrating.) However, non-Christians celebrate it because they saw we give out presents. (Actually, there are a few people who see it for other good things, but most people wouldn't celebrate it if it wasn't for the gifts.) We give out gifts to remember the gift God gave us- His Son, Jesus, who died for our sins.
by A random somebody September 02, 2005
Being slowly eased out of the place you live by being made unemployable by a malicious rumour campaign, hense being on a permanent Christmas holiday
"I am fed up of this guy"

"You want to make it Christmas for him ?"
by guestguestguestguest4 November 21, 2012
The day we celebrate the birth of a man who loved every living thing with the genocide of pine trees.
Timmy: Daddy, why are we killing a tree?
Dad: To celebrate christmas, the birth of the man who loved all living things, son.
Timmy: ... What?
by StraightEdger52 December 01, 2011
The hypocrisy day. The time of the year where it's mandatory to spend a lot of money for all the people you care about to prove you love them. If you don't celebrate it you're a weirdo.
But...it's Christmas!
by madeforreal January 29, 2011
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