The only point in time when it is okay to eat candy out of socks in front of a dead tree.
I just love Christmas! I also enjoy the candy out of my stocking (Replacement word for 'enormously large sock') and sitting in front of our Christmas tree (Replacement word for 'dead pine tree')!
by PartofAFandomFamily July 13, 2014
The day selected to commemorate the birth of a Jewish hippie who decided to blow off carpentry to go fishing for the rest of his life, then got nailed to a tree for his lack of a Protestant work ethic.
Merry Christmas.
by HotGingerMess June 05, 2014
The best of times, the worst of times. Taking the dark view (plenty of folk to take the bright view), a day of conventional culture-imposed mass hysteria. Families crowd together in small spaces making a specially concentrated stink not to mention fraught atmosphere.

In fact just one day out of 365. Also the reason for millions of birds being kept in very crowded conditions, possibly denied fresh air and daylight. This brought to an abrupt end as abattoirs run red with blood so the Chief Ape can gorge himself silly at annual meatfest. (To be followed by belligerent sounding boxing day and many a boxing day hunt.)
Bloody Christmas again. It's bloody, all right. Never mind, can't be helped. It will pass
by Mr Thick & Thin & Thickly Thin December 24, 2012
Being slowly eased out of the place you live by being made unemployable by a malicious rumour campaign, hense being on a permanent Christmas holiday
"I am fed up of this guy"

"You want to make it Christmas for him ?"
by guestguestguestguest4 November 21, 2012
the only time of the year where it is socially acceptable to sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of socks.
It's Christmas yay!
by Anzelly December 29, 2011
An Excuse for Americans to have outrageous parties to get drunk, spend hundreds of dollar for gifts their children want and throw away after a few days and egg nog.
Example isn't needed for the word Christmas as it is stated in the definion. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU EVEN NEED ONE!
by APokedex November 05, 2011
For Christians its, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. For everyone else its a nice time where people all get presents from Santa and everyone is happy but freezing.
'I'm so excited about Christmas'
by lovepink4010 October 17, 2011

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