A widely celebrated end-of-the-year profit scam.
Ah, Christmas... the time to total your credit cards in complete disregard of Jesus Christ's birthday.
by stop it loser November 20, 2007
When spoiled kids get everything they ask for on their christmas list no matter what the length, then go to school and show it off, not knowing that no one gives a fuck.

Also see: spoiled
Billy: Hey, what did you get for Christmas.
Bobby: I got some clothes and an ipod shuffle, what did you get.
Billy: I got a Nintendo Wii, a PS3, a Xbox 360, 4000 dollars in gift cards, a new car, a new stereo, an ipod video 80 gb, a new cell phone, 2 dogs, 2 cats, fifteen wii games, twenty-five ps3 games, and 24 xbox 360 games, not much really.
by Charles-------L. December 26, 2006
A holiday that is SUPPOSED to celebrate the birth of Christ, but now has a new meaning to buy overpriced shit such as action figures, lego, toy cars, video games and machines, computers, stuffed toys, that shiny diamond in the window for your lover, a new dog or bird for a nice christmas dinner, a bag of of shit labeled "Chocolate" and other candy, mp3 players, CD's, movies, handguns, rifles, talking toys that have sexual messages to touch children, decorations, TVs, VCR's, DVD players, furniture, kitchen utensils, lamps, books, pornography, sex toys, satellite dishes, disney movies with sick messages and images, sledge hammers, landmines, robots... I think you get the idea now, eh?
Christmas is a time of giving to me, screw everyone else!
by Longjohns September 27, 2005
The day when Jews all around the world go to the movies and eat Chinese food.
"Hey how was your Christmas?"
"Awesome, I went to see Avatar and then ate at Wu's Kitchen."
by JSznappy December 24, 2009
The day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As of late, Christmas has been replaced with Santa Clause and advertisement. Christmas is a day of rejoicing for what God gave us! He gave us eternal life by the death of his Son Jesus, Oh but death could not hold him down in the grave, *starts getting real emotional* because God raised him from the dead! Yes thats right! Jesus conquered death and he is the Lord! Praise God for what he gave us on this Christmas day!! Praises and Glory be to God!! Amen!
Christmas is a good time to practice your spiritual gift of giving. And theres good reason too! The Bible says, from what I know, "Give and it will be given unto you".

Praise our Lord Jesus!!!
by www.eternalsoldiers.net November 30, 2003
An atheist's #1 excuse for gifts, followed by their birthday.
Atheist: I'm so glad it's Christmas!
Person: I thought you were atheist.
Atheist: So?
by abc1840 May 06, 2008
there once was this dude named dude. one christmas morning dude was excited because he had finally discovered the true meaning of christmas. after battling evil in the blistering cold, he had found it. what was it? well the true meaning of christmas is what you believe it to be. i believe it's being with your friends and family. enjoying every moment. and never letting kangaroos steal your christmas cookies
Christmas is awesome
by Chimeragriffin December 24, 2010

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