The Christian Chanukah.
Christmas is the Jewish Chanukah.
by Ian December 15, 2004
1. A time when you are forced to spend time and money on people you hate (i.e. your family). People get drunk, fight, then go home and sleep, then wake up with bad hangovers.

2. A time where a perverted fat dude named Santa comes down the chimney and gives little five-year-old Jimmy the dirty magazines he always wanted.
"Christmas fucking sucks."
by Kay January 18, 2004
(N.) The birthday of Jesus Christ and Santa Claus. Also the day when you get presents under the christmas tree. Everyone in the world celebrates Christmas, except Jews, Protestants, and me, cause I'm too poor for Christmas.
"Go, Shortie. It's ya Birfdae..."
by G-Union December 19, 2003
A holiday on the 25th of December. It is originally meant to celebrate the birth of Christ, but in recent times has also become a secular holiday of sorts, with Santa Claus as its icon. The celebration of Christmas varies between cultures form highly religious to highly secular, but in the West it is usually a combination. Some say, with good reason, that it has become overly commercial. Though its commercialization is parallel to its secularization, it is not an unavoidable result of secularization.
Merry Christmas!
by Malfacteur December 11, 2003
a scam to spend money you dont have on shytt you dont need. used to be about a book character jeesus but now is about getting drunk off egg nog, dressing up your dog in a stupid reindeer sweater, and hanging flashing bulbs off the side of your house.
Sally: I love Christmas!
Frank: Me too!
Sally: Let's get a second mortgage to buy gifts for people we secretly hate to celebrate Christmas.
Frank: Yay, holidays.
by xXxPepsi-ColaxXx February 13, 2009
Celebrating the birth of Santa.
It's Santa's Birthday! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
by pagis September 16, 2006
A holiday which is used by self-declared enlightened 13 year olds where they make themselves look smart by hating it.
Oh darn! It's Christmas. I hate Christmas, I'd rather sit and moan in my room complaining about how awful I think my life is.
by pseudonym April 01, 2004

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