a couple of weeks of hell for christs sake
this christmas was much worse than last years.
by amboj December 28, 2003
When put into slang context it means anything that is good, great, extraordinary etc. It usually refers to a notable event. I believe the term was coined by MC Chris in the song "fuckin' up my christmas".
The dingus drops the hydro blunt.
You say: Hey Man! You're fucking up my christmas.

A friend randomly strolls into your place with a keg.
You say: Right on, I love christmas!
by Ralph Bong October 11, 2005
The time of year that the shwag(lowest level of marijuana) is really really really good(in Texas), it has somthin to do with the weather...and thats what the true meaning of christmas is!!!
I just smoked a bowl of Christmas bud and now I'm stoned.
by liz January 14, 2004
Let me 'splain: Christmas like autobus. Autobus go forward, Christmas stop. Christmas go forward, autobus stop. Is simple no?
Let me 'splain again: Christmas like autobus. Christmas stop, autobus go forward. Autobus go forward Christmas go backward. Is simple no?

You still don't get it? Let me 'esplain, is simple. Autobus go backward Christmas stop. Christmas go forward autobus go backward. Is simple no?

Still having touble my friend? Is simple. Like I already 'splain. Christmas like autobus. Autobus stop, Christmas stop. Autobus go forward, Christmas go backward.

You still no get? You sure you not just having the joke with me? It's so simple. Even a child get it. Christmas like autobus that go forward and backward, then Autobus stop. Simple no?

No Kwanza, autobus. Stop going forward. Go back now. Is simple. Even child get it if you stoping having joke with me.
Yule, Yuletide, Winterfest, Comercial Season that steals your very soul. Pigtime.
by Lennie loves Mike Watkiss December 14, 2004
For all of you retards who say people don't know how to celebrate Christmas anymore, and don't even know the mean of Christmas, that's true..in America!!You think half the world dosen't know how to celebreate it cuz stupid american retards don't..i dono why u americans all just don't kill yourself, JUST KILL YOURSELF!!! You're not good for anything, you are stupid dumbasses who do nothing to help the world but just screw it up more, JUST KILL YOURSELF WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!???
Americans don't know the meaning of Christmas.
by Croat January 01, 2005
A holiday that is molested by the jewelry companies. Commercials will state " if you love her, youll buy her this expensive ring that you cant afford. Go on! Buy the girl you just met 5 days ago a nine thousand dollar ring!" And then rough, pruny looking housewives with too much makeup on remark to their husbands that "Christmas is just around the corner" assuming that their husbands are gonna do shit for them on christmas except for get fucked up and shout at their parents. 17 year old kids also ask their parents "What santa is going to bring them this year" in a greedy attempt to obtain an expensive car that if they had a JOB they could have.
christmas is a fuckin stupid holiday. and so ARE CHRSTIANS! FUCK ALL OF YA!
by da hood' November 13, 2004
It is a holiday in relatence to the birth of Jesus. It is celebrated by Christians and many non Christians as well. It is often celebrated with gift giving, church services, and family gatherings in some cases. Christmas trees are often put up in homes and decorated with ornaments and other decorations such as candy canes. Santa also visits children on Christmas Eve night leaving gifts for them. houses are also decorated, often very extravagantly with lights, stand ups, and more. Christmas is often celebrated on December 25th, but different religions celebrate it at different times.
Christmas is that one time of year that everyone seems more vibrant and generous. I wish everyday was Christmas!
by Akita person December 13, 2014

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