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For all of you retards who say people don't know how to celebrate Christmas anymore, and don't even know the mean of Christmas, that's America!!You think half the world dosen't know how to celebreate it cuz stupid american retards don't..i dono why u americans all just don't kill yourself, JUST KILL YOURSELF!!! You're not good for anything, you are stupid dumbasses who do nothing to help the world but just screw it up more, JUST KILL YOURSELF WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!???
Americans don't know the meaning of Christmas.
by Croat January 01, 2005
17 85
A holiday that is molested by the jewelry companies. Commercials will state " if you love her, youll buy her this expensive ring that you cant afford. Go on! Buy the girl you just met 5 days ago a nine thousand dollar ring!" And then rough, pruny looking housewives with too much makeup on remark to their husbands that "Christmas is just around the corner" assuming that their husbands are gonna do shit for them on christmas except for get fucked up and shout at their parents. 17 year old kids also ask their parents "What santa is going to bring them this year" in a greedy attempt to obtain an expensive car that if they had a JOB they could have.
christmas is a fuckin stupid holiday. and so ARE CHRSTIANS! FUCK ALL OF YA!
by da hood' November 13, 2004
28 114