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Christian holiday moved to conflict with the time of year when everyone everywhere (and everywhen) celebrates the winter solstice (point of Earth's orbit where, in the northern temperate zones, the sun's zenith slows its southern decent and begins moving north again = another year to live).

2. Hodgepodge of ancient and not-so-ancient rituals, including sacrificing a tree to Mother Nature, celebrating the miracle that got Nicholas his sainthood (reassembling murdered and hacked up child parts in a barrel back into children), and, oh, the birth of Jesus, a jew, and the guy that made 12 of his buddies drink his blood and eat his flesh, before he got executed and came back from the dead. (Can you say "zombie"?)

3. Day that Santa brings new socks and undies. If your bad, you get coal (to keep from freezing) and an orange (for vitamin C to prevent scurvy).
Fucking Christmas. I wanna get drunk.
by danw December 22, 2003
The time of year when you are forced to spend time with family you hate.
But I dont wanna go!
by Rhiannon November 28, 2003
For all the nazi christians to waste money and my time. It has no real meaning except to compete with the jews. By the way if ya don't know jesus was a jew so the son of god is jewish just pointing that out. All u chritsians should stop woreshiping a Jew and start woreshiping me.
"I love christmas, lets kill more jews" - Adolf Hitler
by Fucku i am a super Jew December 22, 2008
The birthdate of Jesus christ, our savior. We celebrate by giving presents to friends and loved ones. Good will and love is spread by all, and by the way, I am 100% american! Bite me croat. and.... croatians suck ass.
Jesus christ was born in a manger to the virgin mary.
by proudamerican January 15, 2005
A Jew's wet dream.
good Christian child: oh, boy! I got an Xbox 360, kinect AND a playstation 3 for Christmas! how was Hanukkah Ben?

that one Jewish friend that never pays you back: I got a nice pair of wool docks... and a sweater...

good Christian child: You should convert to our commercialized Christianity.
by flomause December 24, 2010
An over commercialized holiday where you are morally obliged to buy gifts and spend your hard earned money. The only ones who come out ahead on Christmas are the store owners and bankers who hold the 22% interest rates on your credit cards that you used to buy all those fucking gifts.
I’m in debt from buying Christmas presents.
by Maxwell December 20, 2003
a couple of weeks of hell for christs sake
this christmas was much worse than last years.
by amboj December 28, 2003
When put into slang context it means anything that is good, great, extraordinary etc. It usually refers to a notable event. I believe the term was coined by MC Chris in the song "fuckin' up my christmas".
The dingus drops the hydro blunt.
You say: Hey Man! You're fucking up my christmas.

A friend randomly strolls into your place with a keg.
You say: Right on, I love christmas!
by Ralph Bong October 11, 2005