An exclamation, conjoining the words "Christ" and "testicles", indicating either shock or amazement. Often preceeded by the word "holy".
Holy Christicles! Someone ripped off my MP3 player!
by Cap'n Sweaty! October 11, 2003
Top Definition
used when someone is in total awe over something. completely shocked and or appolled and wants to say "Jesus Christ!", "Holy shit!", or "Balls!" out of frustration.
when playing call of duty 4, Adam doomed the world to a firey death and all he could utter was, "Christicles..."
by icekholdstare January 20, 2008
A rather attractive young man who is good in relationships but becomes an instant man-slut when single.
"Yeah after he dated the girl over there he fucked all of her friends. What a Christicle."
by Killer_Shrimp January 16, 2010
Christ, in popsicle form, often found at church, and or in super-secret religious compounds. Religion tasty enough for any person to accept as true.
Mr. Adams: "Now Billy, please finish your Christicle quickly and throw the wrapper away and go to class."
by jesus_es_mi_hombre September 16, 2009
A sxc lemur :] who is always wrong and is a miracle
Christie :]
by Marc April 08, 2003
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