A dike who chomps on her girls clitorus
by none June 11, 2003
Teeth. They chomp food so they're called chompers.
"Nice chompers Bronwyn"

"He has false teeth, his chompers fell out"
by Matthew Holloway NZ April 10, 2013
A term commonly used by baseball players that refers to a chew. Common examples of a "Chomper" may include, but are not limited to: Copenhagen, Skoal, and or Grizzly.
Chipper: Hey bro, can I get a Chomper?

Jones: Naw man, I'm fresh out
by BearTronOmega August 16, 2012
Chompers are disgusting, dirty, peg selling, hedgehog eating, drive tarmacing thieves.

Other common terms are Pikey, Gypo etc.
The chompers are burning tyres again.

A chomper offered to tarmac my drive.

You dirty chomper.
by simon April 18, 2005
The mascot of Allegheny College, often portrayed by a short, drunk, blonde female, who enjoys smooshy mushy and wiggly
Chompers is often inebriated, and enjoys falling down stairs due to its immense feet.
by Crotchfire February 06, 2005
Someone who got huge front teeth and/or a huge grill.
AYYO, bitch got chompers like a mug!
by chaowdtey July 23, 2003
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