One of the many names given to the glorious act of utilizing the wonderful chewing tobacco. Chompers are not just a normal pinch of Skoal, Cope, or whatever your brand of choice may be, but rather an excessive amount of tobacco carefully placed in the natural pouch of one's lower lip.
Chompers can always be found in the lips of prep school and college students who crave a buzzing sensation while tending to the rigors of an academic institution.
by SpeedoSpicoli May 17, 2005
The mascot of Allegheny College, often portrayed by a short, drunk, blonde female, who enjoys smooshy mushy and wiggly
Chompers is often inebriated, and enjoys falling down stairs due to its immense feet.
by Crotchfire February 06, 2005
SLANG: one who copies someone else's style or way of living; copying any aspect of another person.
"hey buddy, i got the same shoes as you. quit being such a chomper!"
by mark clement November 28, 2006
The mascott of Allegheny College, portrayed often by a short blonde female, enjoys smooshy-mushy, and an occasional wiggly.
Chompers is often inebriated, and enjoys falling down the steps due to its large feet.
by Crotchfire February 06, 2005
A small animal who eats, bites, or fondles things in their mouth
The little bird was a heck of a chomper
by voiceinsidemyhead July 25, 2008
girl who bit off guys penis when giving blowjob because parents knocked on the door
Damn man,i heard that girl that my brother was with is a real chomper,now I'm never going to be a uncle
by spazdude April 07, 2008
someone that chomps on the cock. as in swallows/gobbles it.
ben said to a random person.. "oi did you call my mum a chomper?!" kid replies " wat? nooo :( "
by Ben Gipson October 15, 2006

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