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The dank marshlands where the sensitivity of the testes and the brown hell hole synergize to create a doom zone leading to the inevitable peril of all those ignorant to its trickery. Also known as the sly and cunning fox of the male anatomy. Similar to the apple in the Garden of Eden or Pandora's Box in Ancient Greek Mythology - the root of all evil.

Characteristics: Ghastly stench that could choke your mother, the male equivalency to a clitoris, accredited for the destruction of male undergarments around the world, provides excellent shelter among the pubic stalagtytes,

Uses: delicacy among tribes of the Pacific (due to its tantalizing bitter-sweet taste and aroma), juices used in several types of holistic medicines worldwide (use as directed by your local primary care physician). Sterile chode sweat can be used to top off your favorite baked good (e.g. cherry chode pie, chodenuts)

Helpful tips on maintaining your chode: Be sure to stop short of the wipe before gracing the boundaries of the chode, as to be careful not to introduce the neonatal feces

FYI: The chode is very volatile with powers hard to contain. Close encounters can result in severe Hallerism.
My chode smells of sweet snapdragons after a dew haven; however upon closer inspection, a whirlwind of Hallers engulfed my girlfriend's face.

The villagers were intrigued by the sheer beauty of the chode, but were vastly ill-informed. The vicious funk of the beast chode spared no lives.

The accrued ball-sweat and freshly baked stool, made for one mean chode.
A deformed Penis
Joe is a Chode
by Dr Cyko October 19, 2010
A dick that is fucking wider than it is fucking long and looks like my stupid-ass mother-fucking teachers face. It looks like a giant dick watermelon. No offense if you have one!!!!
I looked at my teachers face and was like, "What the fuck you have a chode?!"
by Haters of Ms.PP January 05, 2010
what jamel drayton is packing. A small stumoy penis, usually girth surpassing the length, causing sort of a stool look, or a tree stump rather than a nice heaping serving of sausage.
omg, did u see when jamel's pants dropped? o i couldn't believe it. He has a chode. It looked like the emergency button to launch the nukes that will blow up the earth.
by Agostinho November 29, 2009
actually spelled Choad. Synonym for ‘penis’ used in alt.tasteless and popularized by the denizens thereof. This term is alleged to have been inherited through 1960s underground comics, and to have been sighted in the Beavis and Butthead cartoons. Speakers of the Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati languages have confirmed that ‘choad’ is in fact an Indian vernacular word equivalent to ‘fuck’; it is therefore likely to have entered English slang via the British Raj.
Look at that dude's chode!
by ChuggasaurusRex December 13, 2005
70's slang describing a nerd action by a friend.
Hey dewd, Where ya headed?
I'm goin' down to the "blah blah" club.
Kewl! I'm headed that way too, howsabouta lift?
Ah, man, I gotta run down to "blah blah first, and it's way outta my way.
Dewd, whatta chode!
by bgpage February 16, 2005
1.one is said to have a chode if their fat roll hangs over their penis so it not visible to them.It's really more of a medical condition.
2. derogatory name given to people displaying less than average intellect
1. My friend Kyle pee'd on himself because his chode obstructed his view.
2.My friend Kyle is a chode due to the fact that he displays "chode like" behavior.
by closet intellectual February 15, 2005
past participle of the verb 'to chide'. Archaic.
Then bold Odysseus chode the Achaians.
by Kilkrazy September 21, 2004