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A stumpy dick doorknob
I would have bought condoms, but they didn't have chode size
by bsbl4ebff January 05, 2014
A short fat dick.
Girl 1: He's so hot
Girl 2: Too bad he has a chode
Girl 1: Omg ew
by MiaCocoRocho July 11, 2013
a short, fat johnson
caleb jones=chode
by Dylan.Gagner January 02, 2013
Dickhole band teachers who have been doing their jobs way to long and take everything way to seriously. They tend to try to act cool but look like total dicks in the end. Chodes also attemept to rape their students as much as possible.
Student 1: Look at Mr. Keating over there trying to act cool

Student 2: What a dick

Student 3: Yea, he's such a chode
by chocolate hotdog MKAY May 22, 2011
(v) To suddenly and/or involuntarily reduce the length of one's penis in response to: cold weather, cold water, an incredibly unattractive person, or simply being obese.

(n) The perineum.

(n) A fat witto winky.
1. "So, I went to this pool party and pretty much choded my trunks... and now there are pictures on Facebook."

"As if you have to 'chode' to get a chode. ha ha."

"Shut up!"

2. "Yeah, you got me beggin', beggin'... baby, please don't chooode."
by Wazakra January 28, 2011
A penis with a large girth- ie: it is fat.
Oh my word did you see that chode when that dude got out the shower?
by DrDJ January 09, 2011
A deformed Penis
Joe is a Chode
by Dr Cyko October 19, 2010