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A dick that has more girth than length.
Girl1: Girth is the best :D
Guy1: So, I heard you like chodes? :)
by ~ Nate ~ May 05, 2010
4 6
A chode is a penis in which the diameter is larger than the length.

It is also mistakenly used to refer to the perineum, but this is erroneous.
My boyfriend's chode looks like a can of skoal.
by f00lhardy March 09, 2010
12 14
when your cock is like.... wider <----->
than it is long, therefore you have a chode
#1) Dude!!!! that guy has a fucken chode!!

#2) my girlfriend dumped me because of my ferociously wide chode...

#3) Your Mom Likes Creighton Catletts monstrous Chode!!!
by Not Conner Runyon September 08, 2008
3 5
A word used to define a penis wider than it is long.
My ex boyfriend Josh from Hull, had a chode.
by dr4g0nsl4y3r666 September 06, 2008
4 6
A douchebag, most commonly referring to a frat guy.

A person who drives around in his jeep with giant tires and KC lights on the top.

You find many of these people in South Padre Island, TX and Panama City Beach, FL during Spring Break.

Generally flanked by a chodette (female version, usually a stripper that drives a convertible Mitsubishi Spider) or his real counter-part, a sorostitute.
The Sig Eps are such chodes!!
by Mark Albert December 04, 2007
5 7
Caricature by the late cartoonist Rodney L. Rotham; Characterized as being a rotund woman of diminiutive stature who's most notable feature is that her width exceeds her height.
For a picture look in book, "A World Below: A Compendium of Everything I never Saw."
by Chodaholic May 24, 2005
2 4
Leonard Vito Mecca- has the biggest chode in the world!
chode choper
by Chode man 345 April 23, 2013
0 3