1. A penis which is thicker than it is long
2, The area between your ball sack and your anus
1. LoL you got a chode
2.My chode is itchy
by Bulldog453 January 07, 2011
A deformed Penis
Joe is a Chode
by Dr Cyko October 19, 2010
A person who believes that a gouch or taint is called a chode and fails to realize a chode is a short fat cock
Thats dude thinks a chode is a taint

haha what a chode
by chodemaster221 July 03, 2010
A dick that has more girth than length.
Girl1: Girth is the best :D
Guy1: So, I heard you like chodes? :)
by ~ Nate ~ May 05, 2010
A chode is a penis in which the diameter is larger than the length.

It is also mistakenly used to refer to the perineum, but this is erroneous.
My boyfriend's chode looks like a can of skoal.
by f00lhardy March 09, 2010
A dick that is fucking wider than it is fucking long and looks like my stupid-ass mother-fucking teachers face. It looks like a giant dick watermelon. No offense if you have one!!!!
I looked at my teachers face and was like, "What the fuck you have a chode?!"
by Haters of Ms.PP January 05, 2010
A penis longer then it is wide.
Thom: "Hey mom, why is my cock so think, but so short??"

Mom: " You have a chode thom, GTFO"
by mynamesbrandonagain September 14, 2009

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