A small and fat penis.
Joe's brother mike couldn't please a woman, because of his chode.
by Mizukage Joe October 03, 2009
A penis longer then it is wide.
Thom: "Hey mom, why is my cock so think, but so short??"

Mom: " You have a chode thom, GTFO"
by mynamesbrandonagain September 14, 2009
A very short and very fat penis.
Deno has a chode!!
by jawsworth August 20, 2009
a short fat dick
You'll never get laid cuz u got a fukkin chode
by G-g-g-g rizzle June 10, 2009
A substitute for basically any insult you can think of. Can be substituted for jerk, ass, loser, etc...
"Wow, that kid is such a chode."
by captain avalon May 11, 2009
The space between your balls and your asshole.
"Klein is a Chode licker!"
by You know me, lol, FUCK YOU! April 16, 2009
A penis thats fatter than it is long.
Hey is that a pork pie attatched to that mans crotch?

Oh, no its just a chode.
by Geddessss March 16, 2009

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