Chode is when a man has a small but Fat Penis
You Have a Chode!
by jduffyuwtfr7wfgy7w June 09, 2011
A penis that is wider than it is long; someone fatter than they are tall
His chode was to small for the condem
by Daniel chill May 18, 2011
An asian Woman with a huge dick and she puts sprinkles on it before she gets a blow job from the man.
Did you hear about that asain women that got a blow job on her chode?
by dude405 March 25, 2011
1. A penis which is thicker than it is long
2, The area between your ball sack and your anus
1. LoL you got a chode
2.My chode is itchy
by Bulldog453 January 07, 2011
A deformed Penis
Joe is a Chode
by Dr Cyko October 19, 2010
A person who believes that a gouch or taint is called a chode and fails to realize a chode is a short fat cock
Thats dude thinks a chode is a taint

haha what a chode
by chodemaster221 July 03, 2010
A dick that has more girth than length.
Girl1: Girth is the best :D
Guy1: So, I heard you like chodes? :)
by ~ Nate ~ May 05, 2010

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