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A Chode Monster is exactly that. It's a chode monster. A monster that has a body that looks like a chode. Now, this monster may be male or female. It can even be transvestite. Even though a Chode Monster is only a legend it has been said that they can come and make a guys penis into a chode after a terrible accident. Chode Monsters can also give women with small vaginas alot of pleasure without over powering their vaginas.People normally draw Chode Monsters or scuplt them as a joke.But Chode Monsters are no joke. They can be real. It's a mystery.
Me and Janine we're down at the park and I sculpted a Chode Monster while she was talking on the phone. She thought it was very funny but I took it seriuously.
by CathisaCAT April 06, 2009
A person who is annoying and stupid.
A fag
A person who thinks a chode is something that it isn't
Michelle: Seth is such a chode monster. I asked him if i could lick his chode but he didn't know what that was!
Spencer:What a loser!!!
by pretzel eater May 21, 2009
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