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A Chode Monster is exactly that. It's a chode monster. A monster that has a body that looks like a chode. Now, this monster may be male or female. It can even be transvestite. Even though a Chode Monster is only a legend it has been said that they can come and make a guys penis into a chode after a terrible accident. Chode Monsters can also give women with small vaginas alot of pleasure without over powering their vaginas.People normally draw Chode Monsters or scuplt them as a joke.But Chode Monsters are no joke. They can be real. It's a mystery.
Me and Janine we're down at the park and I sculpted a Chode Monster while she was talking on the phone. She thought it was very funny but I took it seriuously.
by CathisaCAT April 06, 2009
The name of Leprachaun sexing up an Italain boy.

Kloinkadoink originated from a mix of Jewish people and Irish people.

Italian people were just innocent people in this Kloinkadoink.
"That Irish kloinkadoink is sexing up Antonio again"
by CathisaCAT March 28, 2009
The group opposing a group of Terrific Threes.They aren't as awesome as the Terrific Three.

Just like the Terrific Three they can be anyone in your daily life. 3 co-workers, 3 students, 3 teachers, 3 customers, 3 friends or any 3 random people.
Mr.Rosenfeld,Mrs.Catherine Roddy and Mr.Ceasero are the Terrible Trifecta in this school.

Lacey,Stacey and Tracey are a Terrible Trifecta that hang out at the mall every Sunday.
by CathisaCAT March 29, 2009
Three people you may know in your daily lives that always take picuters together.

It's possible that they can have pictures of only two of them, but it's rare.

These people can be 3 co-workers, 3 teachers that are in your school, 3 friends, 3 people you went to school with or 3 people you stalk online.
Karmen, Alyssa and Mary are a Terrific Three...always taking pictures of themselves with each other *pah!*

Gabby, Caroline and Kylie.

Mrs.Rogers, Mr.Kuster and Mr.Rosenfeld.
by CathisaCAT March 27, 2009
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