to violently shove a salty dick up ones ass.
i wanna kill that guy" "no then youll go to jail though" "I dont care" "no you dont want a chocolate pretzel do you?" "no
by stackattack January 12, 2011
Top Definition
a pretzel, covered in shit. If you haven't seen Mall rats, then you wouldn't know.
Would you like a Chocolate Pretzel? (Hands douchebag tv host a shit covered pretzel)
by xero347 February 01, 2009
A sexual position that is a result of anal sex. After having his way with his partner anally, a man will bend him/her over themselves, forcing the body into a position resembling a pretzel. The penetratee then shits on themselves. This is seen by the penetrator as a desirable alternative to having his own chest dumped on, a la Cleveland Steamer.
"Dude, I gave Ginger the chocolate pretzel, and she went crazy!"
by Jib Ride February 12, 2008
this is when one person works their hand into their partners anal cavity (subsequently getting their hand covered in shit), then person one asks their partner if they are hungry. No matter the answer, person one pulls out their shit covered hand and slaps the partner's face
Are you kidding me man? We've been dating for 2 weeks, of course i've given her the ol' chocolate pretzel!
by AGBurton August 07, 2008

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