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19 definitions by stackattack

a word you would say if not interested in someones conversation at all.
so i broke up with my girlfreind today" "yupp"........... "that doesnt even make sense
by stackattack January 05, 2011
to violently flap ones penis all up and around anothers face, prefferibly a sleeping or disabled person.
go flap attack that stationary motherfucker!
by stackattack January 01, 2011
an expensive rag used specifically for wipeing up nut
eww whats that?" "go get the shammy
by stackattack January 12, 2011
someone who has a bug in there pubes like crabs.
jessica is really hot" "yeah but i heard shes got ants in the pants.
by stackattack January 12, 2011
to inject ones testicles with berry juice for a tasty suprise when you hit the old G spot.
yeah give me that berry blaster!
by stackattack January 01, 2011
to jizz on ones upper lip and let it dry until it hardens.
yeah lick that monopoly mustach.
by stackattack January 02, 2011
when someone goes to sack tap you and hits your cock instead of your balls.
that wang clang really hurt
by stackattack January 12, 2011