A Chobes is the ultimate friendly and stroke-able labrador. If you have one, you know immediately what a Chobes is, they all are Chobes-es out there.... And this goes especially for the ever remaining lively of labradors (black and brown). And if you were to shout "Chobes" out loud when you see one, you can be pretty sure a Chobes will respond, they are just always up for fun. The name just covers it all, try it out in your mouth and think of the dog. As it happens I have one at home and she is still up for anything, at nearly 9.
"Look what a lovely chobes overthere..." (the cuddly one outstretched in the sunshine or at home on your sofa when you are not looking)
"Did you see that, I just saw a chobes chasing a chicken" (the cheeky one, out of 10 yard reach of its owner, it will always try and go for the hunt!"
"Who ate all the pie.... @rgh Chobes..." (the cheeky one reaching for the food on the kitchen top while you were in the dining room)
by Rinaballerina January 03, 2008
Synonym of 'taint'. The area between the testicles and anus. aka the perineum.
She can't get enough of my chobe.
by bigblock February 06, 2008
A chobe is a person who is very sure of themselves. They are usally not very easy to the eye, and often might have a slight odor. They do not sware much, and keep to themselves. They often wear tacky clothes, including the ever-so unattractive sandles and socks. They have nasty hair cuts, and are preverted
The guy I saw at Walgreens was such a chobe.
by Amanda Playwith December 20, 2004
i) Used to emphasize how truely chobo one is.

ii) Used to describe someone or something when it has become the definition of chobo.
"Man.. you are a Chobe."

"Nick aka So&So is such a Chobe!!"

"Could clan Fear be any more chobo?!" "Yes they can, they are Chobe."
by Chaos November 08, 2004
South Oz word meand short fand pecker
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
Chobe- A slang term for a Mexican (or any other type of hispanic person). Basically anybody who is/looks Hispanic in any way (that could be brazilian, puerto rican, mexican, ANY hispanic race).
"Eww, look! It's a dirty little chobe!"
by poopy March 13, 2005

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