when a bitch go down on a dude wit a chode. bitches is usually nasty when they do this shit.
mofucka 1: ey man i saw dis honkey bitch give a chobes to dis nigger ass nigga.
mofucka 2: word.
by terrytheterrorist August 12, 2006
A dog act or gesture , to rip somone off or be stingy with weed
are you chucking in for this mix or are you chobesin it ?
by Lord Downs June 01, 2011
A weighty well shaped set of voluptous breasts.
Man, Sofia Vergara has a fine set of chobes on her.
by ChetBang November 14, 2010
1. term for anchovies, usually referring to pizza
2. can refer to a person as an insult
-Example One:

waiter: "Whadya want!?"
disgruntled customer: "I think I'll have a large pizza."
waiter: "One... large... cheese."
disgruntled customer: "Might I get some chobes on that as well?"
waiter: "Huh?"

-Example Two:

Jeffry: "Hey Guys! I just caught Raichu!"
schoolyard bully: *punches Jeffry in the face then spits on him* "Chobes!" *schoolyard bully dipsets*
by Jesus Christ Fisher January 21, 2008
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