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A contraction for dumb cunt.
My wife wrecked the fucking car again. She's such a dunt.
by dammit janet July 15, 2003
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Short for the expression "Dirty ol' cunt"- perfected by the wise man Ian 'Dunner' Dunn
Bro 1: "This broad is sexy"
Dunner: "Steer clear brother, she's a real Dunt"
Bro 1: "Thanks dunner, youre so wise"
by bobbylashly December 06, 2012
A blow. (No, seriously you morons, that's what the real definition is)
The man suffered a dunt to the head from a baseball bat.
by Arrow September 13, 2003
The "hit" obtained from the ingestion of a drug.
I downed a bottle of tonic wine on top of a half-glass of Calpol for a cheap dunt.
by Neilston June 02, 2005
A place that has not made it onto the map of Australia. A small population, around 50 people. One pub, one town hall, several sheep shearing sheds for the 70,000 sheep housed in the outback.
usually the inhabitants are 'hardcore bogans'.
"Scarn on mate?"
"Aw, fuck mate. Did you go down th' pub last night?"
"Yeah. I did. Saw ol' Seany 'n shit. Farking.. me sheila's chucked me out for tonight mate, reckon I could sleep on ya floor Daz?"
"Yeah mate, that's the amount of geno we have here in Dunt."
by L ! August 19, 2008
how Cubans pronounce "don't"
"Dunt make fun of mah English, Lucy."
by Reverend Flash October 22, 2003
The true definition: pussy lips that hang way down. Ultimately a dragging cunt.
Dude look at that chicks is almost draging on the road.
by pecker wood November 02, 2007

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