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1. Word used in refering to the act of smoking weed.

2. Also can be to inform others that are you high or stoned by simply adding a "D."
1. Hey man, you trying to go chipe.

2. Man I am so chiped.
by Y0shi June 30, 2005
to chipe - verb. to not be hungry, but still feel the need to eat. this usually occurs when one is experiencing severe boredom.
chiping - adjective.
chiper - noun. one who chipes.
1. it's 2 in the morning, there's nothing on tv, i'm chiping and there's nothing good to eat.
2. don't eat that! you don't need the calories, and besides, you're not hungry. you're chiping. you are a chiper.
by D and D. August 22, 2008
(chipe), singular: a source or reason of exclamation

an exclamation; usually used when responding to a sudden event or occurance which has altered one's environment. Best used when pronounced with a slightly Australian or UKish accent.
(Dead bird falls from sky)

Jordan: Chipes mate! Did you see that?!

Alex: Yes.
by Alex Bo Balex April 24, 2007
This word can be used to replace any verb you may use. The definition can vary from beating someone up or being freakin wasted.
"Dude, I was so freakin chiped last night; I had no clue what happened."

"If you talk about my girl one more time, I'm going to fuckin chipe you in the face!"
by TrojanSoccer2 February 25, 2012
Bumps you get on your ass after having anal sex with someone with an STD.
Man I've got this horrible grouping of chipes on my ass from that arch douche Dan.

He thinks he's all that and a bag of chipes.
by BR0KN February 02, 2011
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