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A deragetory word used to describe a person of the chinese nationality.
"Listen chinker, I don't want a godamn fortune cookie, m'kay?!"
by Jackie Chan May 08, 2003
usually describing an effective amount of super high grade hyptochroniconalite smoked out of a gravity bong.
Yo Chris, lemme get a little "chinker"!?

I'm out, Katie took the last one.

I guess I'm having a ball with resin
by creeper20000 May 01, 2011
A faster, more racist, and tastier way to say Chinese Food
Hey brosef let get some chinkers.
by capnCreep May 16, 2011
Another form of the chink. It refers to people of the Chinese nationality. It is often used with words such as "dirty" or "sneaky"
That dirty chinker!
by Dr. Chink February 03, 2013
A snuffed out cigarette that may be finished by the original smoker or another (usually desperately jonesing) smoker.
Phew~! That chinker I put in my cigarette pack made my whole pack smell like an ashtray! Do you want it?
by iamlemon November 26, 2009
A pun off of the word checkers. Chinkers is Chinese checkers.
Dude, let's play some chinkers!
by Chinkers August 16, 2007
The area between the chin and the eye; used to refer to the location of a landed punch.
Man, you hit me in the chinker!!
by Peppermintz December 05, 2008

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