1) The black version of white trash
2) Someone who tries to look cool with all the bling bling but looks stupid

Inspired by the rapper of the same name who is very stupid and easy to make fun of.
"Did you see that guy with the gold retainer on his bottom teeth? That is just chingy."
by Hansarde April 21, 2005
A rapper with an annoying accent and whose lyrics consist mostly of "dwada durr dinga ling lang bwaugdogga ding dang"
If they play that chingy song one more time I will blow up the stereo.
by wAsTe July 07, 2004
chingy, why yo eyez so chinky.....Chingy- cause my boyfriend just busted in my eye
chingy is a commercial dope who cant rap
by Shamrokk August 03, 2004
wanker who thinks he is some kind of nelly impersonater! does not actually have a rap style, just steals nellys accent, with help from ludacris managed to go double platinum? wots that about?
wow! ludacris is the shit, shame about chingy smelly assed mo do
by jonaz March 16, 2004
What a girl is called when she has chin hair.
1. "Dortice is very Chingy"

by Kitty05 October 06, 2007
A miniature sized penis
Certificatologist: "Chingy?"

Midget: "Yup... fuck..."
by Dr Todd Fuquad PhD June 18, 2006
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