A douchebag rapper who has no flow and has a fake accent. See Nelly.
Question:How come Chingy is the only rapper from the ATL with a southern accent dat thick?

Answer: Cuz he a fake ass wanksta nigga
by Bone Crusha March 11, 2004
Something that is expensive

Derived from the popular phrase "ka-ching" which means being in monetary wealth.
"Hey, are you going out to the city tonight for a beer?"

"Nah, shit is too chingy nowadays!"
by Jewish American Princess July 25, 2009
An ugly ass rapper who gets his money by being MTV's little ass-boy.
Related Searches: ugly, fag, bitch, gangsta
by Freak Obscene April 25, 2004
he a st louie rapper who da girls like but many dont know da fag is bi, killa cam says it best in 'hey lady'
'out mingaling,heard that i blingybling,but i run the circus like ringaling,im the king of things,and your man he a homo like chingaling-chingaling...'
by otis December 16, 2004
Some idiot rapper who put out the dumb songs "Holidae Inn" and "Right Thurr".
see rap and loser
Chingy is not hot.
by Charlie Mulligan March 04, 2004
Fake ass rapper with no talent or balls, disgrace to
Hip-Hop and all it's affiliates.
example: That new Bow Wow single is Chingy..
by H.A.P aka St. Louis June 01, 2007
a fag man with no skill wutsoever, he is a piece of shit that can go kill himself.
guy 1: dude you hear that new chingy song?
guy 2: ya balla baby
guy 1: dude its gay
guy 2: ya so is chingy
by will e. c November 04, 2004

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