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Basicly 22s are some hot rims that are 22 inches
Oh! Dats a clean ride wit dem 22 inch spinners. Go head pimp! Yoouu Knooow!!
by Ebony January 27, 2004
when someone say something that is stupid or is false.. instead of getting mad just say boy/girl bye
Boy: The Lakers gonna win next year
Girl: Boy Bye!!
by Ebony July 24, 2003
Chingy is a word that Chingy the rapper used to call people with lots of money.

Chingy is also a fine ass rapper
ya dig!!!
Cant get enuff of his fine ass
oh yeah get his cd !!!
Look at him he's so chingy !
by Ebony January 27, 2004
Gay horriffic abnoxious botchalism. Only used by Nubs McGee and his following.
"hey ghab" just lame isnt it?
by Ebony February 13, 2003
something sexy or appealin about someone
damn that boy got some pimp juice
by Ebony July 07, 2003
Some dark weed, usually chocolate that comes compressed
Yo. I had some of that sticky black last night and had the mad muchies
by ebony August 19, 2003
A girl who doesnt have it going on at all. a girl who is busted and disgusted and can't be trusted
"I can't believe you are going out with that scallywag, look at her shoes, they have holes in them
by ebony August 19, 2003
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