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1. (noun): an anthropoid ape (Pan troglodytes) of equatorial Africa that is smaller and more arboreal than the gorilla

2. (noun): Pete Sampras (usually used with "the" and capitalized)
1. The chimp is smarter than The President.

2. The Chimp was one of the greatest tennis players of all time.
by orion October 06, 2003
14 13
see Dubya
The chimp tried to answer journalists questions today... what a laugh
by meeeeee November 03, 2003
310 142
To review an image on the LCD screen of a digital camera after taking a photograph. In common usage among press photographers. The act was dubbed chimping after photographers were caught making monkey-like noises when they reviewed a good shot in their cameras.
1. The photographer chimped his double-play shots from the first base photo position.

2. The photographer was caught chimping on the sideline after a play and missed the interception shot.
by Chris123456798 January 08, 2006
107 41
a black person.
Chimp ass nigga!
by Dede_23 May 21, 2011
71 42
Somebody who's freakin' out and needs to chill. Can be used as a verb, noun or adjective.
"Yo I just ate weed brownies and I'm hella chimped."

Person A- "Wanna hang with Brian tonight?"
Person B- "Nah, that dude's a chimp."

Person A- "Ahhh oh no (insert complaint about whatever)!
Person B- "Yooo quit chimpin'."
Person A- "Woah... you're right. I need to chill."
Person A- "Word."
by Real Insane May 31, 2013
17 2

To lose all human control and revert back to one's simian roots. Usually resulting from seeing an attractive woman or, if you are a comic book fan, a mint copy of The Avengers #1.
Did you see that girl at the club that I was talking to last night? I was really chimping for her.

Mark looked at the woman and began to chimp heavily.
by Masner May 01, 2009
30 22
Infantile or mischeivous individual. A person with a childlike sense of humour.
Stop being such a chimp
by M McGraw February 22, 2003
42 35
Describing a repulsive smelly creature, born of the human species, but acting as though he were a primate. Nappy dark hair, gross teeth, small red haired mating parter. Often attempts to read books, posters, and magazines, always failing. Communicates by making a series of noises like, "ooo ahhh ehhh ahhh ooo". Smells like an asshole.
hey chimp!!!! ooo oo ahh ahh!!!! go eat a banana you retard.
by Stephanie and Andrew May 06, 2008
37 31