1. A person who is dressed half chav half pimp.
2. A person who acts like a chav and a pimp
Dude1: What the hell is that guy wearing?
Dude2: He looks like a right chimp.

Dude1: Why the hell is he acting like that the complete twonk?
Dude2: He thinks he's a right chimp.
by dawson90 October 07, 2007
A rather weak and ugly looking human who lacks intelligence. Would rather steal everyone else's sayings/quotes than make it's own. Usually has an underbite and is frightened easily.
(1)NORMAL HUMAN: "Shut the hell up you dumb chimp."
CHIMP: "You shut the hell up you dumb chimp."
(2)CHIMP: "Want to kill that guy?"
HUMAN 1:"Not really."*tells human 2 about the chimps threat*
HUMAN 2:"What did you say you dumb chimp?"
CHIMP: "I was just kidding sonny."
by magigs August 12, 2008
Micheal Mark is a chimp from the zoo
by Screw you bitch November 15, 2004
dirty whore
look at all those chimps

"chimps have big testicles so they can have loads of sex. a chimp is a whore"
by colin miles December 07, 2003
see ferien
by HL October 14, 2003
A group of boys that resemble Homosexuals, Gareth Gates and may have tendencies to dress like an Air stewardess
Le Chimps boys dont rule
by Gotcha March 13, 2003
all of the above but with a tiny bottom lip beard, big hair and usually a cap
he looks a proper chimp
by a pseudonym April 29, 2004

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