n. Brutal output of constipated feces
v. chimp; chimping; chimpped
shit, poop, crap, poo, feces
My cat finally fucking CHIMPPED last night!
by gothfungus January 09, 2012
A reference to Police Community Support Officers in Britain - Can't Help In Most Police Situations.
Oh no, they can't do anything they're only CHIMPS, we need a proper copper.
by KirkbyWillo January 16, 2011
Acronym for Came Heavily In My Pants. Premature ejaculation while clothed.
Man, that chick was so damn hot, I thought I was gonna chimp!
by billybobfunpants May 27, 2010
a monky an ugly creature often often seen with its banana in its hands
seth looks like a chimp
by the__yeti June 19, 2008
flamethrower (in shooter games)
the chimp is mine
means "anybody who gets the flamethrower is going down"
by tomscavo1954 June 01, 2009
When someone thinks there top shit and can do whatever they want.
You are a chimp.
What a chimp.
by da boss pacman1 December 23, 2013
A creature of the phylum/ species haskellus-erectus, known as chimp for his chimp like stature and features
"Chimp, see that picture of the chimp on the wall of the psychology room? Thats you that is."
by The Keith March 29, 2003

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