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an Old English term referring to a newborn lamb or sheep.
the mother sheep sheltered the chilver from the snow.
by molumolu August 24, 2008
A word used to prove that something rhymes with silver.
"Actually, chilver, a newborn or young female lamb, rhymes with silver. Moron."
by midnizite June 03, 2015
Someone who isnt but might as well be autistic and paranoid about everything and everyone laughs at him/her.
haha he's such a chilvers
by yourMumIsBig October 24, 2009
A person who is extremely awkward, often trips over himself and bangs his head on things. Acts retarded but isnt actually a retard.
Mr bump is such a chilvers
by mr turtlehead19 March 24, 2010
Means an intricate sex position.
Silver used the chilver position with Rachael at the lawn.
by Hmmphwhat December 30, 2009

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