The state of being stuck in a relationship you can't get out of, no matter how hard you struggle.
Victim: I tried breaking up with her, but one thing led to another and I had dinner with her parents.
Friend: Dude, you are stuck in some serious chicksand.
by ScallyCap April 13, 2011
it's when you get stuck into what planned to be a one night stand, but it starts turning into a real relationship
Dude you can't get away from that girl she is really turning into chicksand
by governator82 April 24, 2011
When a man is unable to deter an unwanted female suitor from her continuous pursuit.
Myron: That chick just doesn't understand that you aren't in to her any longer.

Herman: This is a factual observation, yet somehow I cannot get her to stop coming around. It's like I'm stuck in chicksand.

Myron: Touché, my dearest friend.
by Ronnie Toothpix April 20, 2011
It's when you go out with a girl for a bit of fun but she then starts sucking you into her life and you can't get out without being unkind so you start to sink even faster
Dude, you are totally sinking into her chicksand, time for a lifeline and dump her ass!
by Skerries1 April 20, 2011
When a guy gets caught into a romantic situation with a girl who won't let go and he can't find how to get out. Female version of quicksand.
Alan: Jenny called again and wants to go for brunch. I don't have the heart to tell her I could care less for her.

Gary: Seems like you're caught up in some serious chicksand man.
by CaptainSomething April 18, 2011
The state of being trapped with a one night stand that won't leave.
Dude! Where were you yesterday?

Man, I was trapped! That girl from the bar was total chicksand. She didn't leave my place until like noon.
by Jackson Reid April 14, 2011
Getting stuck in a relationship with a chick that you cant get out of.
Damn! you are stuck in chicksand!
That bitch got you stuck in her chicksand!
by SteveDope April 14, 2011
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