1. When a man is tied down to a woman which he does not want to be with.
2. When a woman thinks that a man is really into her when the man just wants to get away.
Dude, you are in deep chicksand.
by laxdork April 25, 2011
When a relationship with a woman is going perfectly fine and then mysteriously sucks you in and you are unable to escape; even in death.

See also; co-signing, psycho bitch, pulling the goalie baby mama and half shacking
"I heard she poked holes in his condoms and now he's in Chicksand."
by WebFugitive April 20, 2011
Being stuck in a situation with a controlling woman without being sure as to how to get out.
His girl keeps giving him nicknames and he can't get away from her, dude's in some serious chicksand.
by BenjaminButtonIsMyPenis April 18, 2011
Quicksand with women. A relationship you don't want to be in.
Guy1: "Oh man, I can't break up with this chick, because she totes has a history of bad boyfriends... I feel like I'm the only thing stopping her from becoming another depressed, miserable, man hating, feminist dyke."
Guy 2: "You're in chicksand bro."
by Brad, Happy Endings April 16, 2011
When you want to have a one night stand but the chick keeps pulling you into a relationship. Sort of like getting pulled into quick stand.
Dave got stuck in some chicksand last week and they are allready moving in with each other.
by xender2010 April 15, 2011
A fling that turns into a relationship that a guy doesn't want.
Dude you are sinking in chicksand.
You drowned bro,' in chicksand.
by julesattriangle April 14, 2011
When you go out with a girl who you really don't want to be dating, but she thinks you are so into her and assumes it is a bonafide relationship. You want to/try to tell her but she ignores the facts and is clueless, thinks you are her man.

When caught in the chicksand quagmire you have been seeing a girl way too long, but can't shake her. These girls are typically either clingy/needy, so into themselves they are clueless, or so non-stop bubbly and uber- talkative that you can't get a word in edgewise to "break up" with them. Or you attempt to break up with them, and they talk so much, ignoring what you said, so it completely goes over their head. You are stuck in an undesirable relationship. You are so caught in chicksand!!!
"Man I had a random hook-up with Michelle three weeks ago, and she's telling everyone we are a couple even though I have tried to "beak up" with her eight times. I even made out with Hilary right in front of her! She just doesn't get it! I'm so caught in chicksand!"
by winning warlock April 14, 2011

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