When a girl has got a hold on you and you cant get out, similar to "quicksand"
Matt: Damn bro! i slept with that chick and i cant get out of this!

David: youre in chicksand bud.
by Urijah April 13, 2011
When you are talking to a girl and she tries to suck you in. The more you try to get away, the more she sucks you in.
I was going to dump her, but she introduced me to her parents. I'm in deep chicksand
by DamageContrl April 13, 2011
Being in a trouble-some predicament with a female
Guy 1-Yeah man, she told me to give it to her like it was her birthday. I just thought it was Wednesday.

Guy 2- Wow man, you're in chicksand
by djshredword April 13, 2011
n. a relationship in which one party feels like he/she is sinking in quicksand due to how fast the relationship is moving

variations: chick-sand, chick sand
Dude, I thought this was just going to be a one night stand, but now she's moving in just a week later! I'm in total chicksand!
by Freddy18 April 13, 2011
Someone who gets caught in an unwanted relationship with a girl after a one night stand. A cross between the words "quicksand" and "chick"
Dave: Guess who just spent an hour watching her dance videos from high school, listening to her story about how her boyfriend stole from her dad and slept with her cousin, and bought a joint membership at LA Fitness because of free parking, after meeting her parents?

Brian: You're stuck in some major chicksand, dude....
by Ally FREAKING Staten April 13, 2011
When you can't seem to get away from a woman, and the more you struggle, the deeper she pulls you in to a relationship you don't want (or do you?).

From the US sitcom Happy Endings.
I was going to break up with her, but then she convinced me to go to dinner with her family! I'm sinking in chicksand!
by Coqatriz April 13, 2011
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