Like quicksand, but with girls. The situation a dude may find himself in if he has breakfast with a one night stand. Sure, it starts out as an hour of breakfast, but that quickly becomes a day being dragged shopping. Before you know it, you're in a situation where you're sinking into an accidental relationship.
Yeah, will went for breakfast with the random after hooking up. He's now drowning in chicksand!
by Justanotherjack April 17, 2011
Derived from the word quicksand, chicksand is when a male over commits himself to a female, has overstepped his bounds and regrets a decision he has made with a female.
dude #1 - You said you would meet her parents?!?!

dude #2 - Yeah...was that a bad move?

dude #1 - Oh f*ck you're in some serious chicksand.
by jumanjiboy April 14, 2011
Situation with a girl where no matter what you do, things only get worse. The more you try to break up with her or distance yourself, the deeper in the relationship you get.

Popularized by the TV Comedy Happy Endings
Mike: Yeah, I went over to her house to break up with her last night.

Steve: How did it go? Are you over?

Mike: No!! Not only are we still together, I'm her date to her sister's wedding!

Steve: Dude, that's some deep chicksand you're in...
by Rev Pickle April 13, 2011
When a guy gets so into a relationship with a girl, he can get himself out.
Guy: "I can't stand hanging out her any more but I don't know how to end it."

Friend: "Dude, you're in chicksand."
by nmbr1son April 13, 2011
Being sucked into a relationship you don't want, with a girl you just started dating or talking to.
Dave is head deep in chicksand! His one nightstand has now moved in with him.
by MBtx April 28, 2011
When a man gets stuck in a relationship with no way out.
Guy 1: "Dude, every time I try to break up with her, I get pulled deeper into the relationship!"

Guy 2: "Chicksand dude."

Jose: "Aycarumba, dudes!"
by Luscious JBO April 28, 2011
The act of get sucked into a relationship with a woman you don't want to be in a relationship with.
Dude you slept over her house again? Your sinking deep into the chicksand bro.
by diceynight April 25, 2011

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