A formerly great city that is now nothing but a haven for liberals, illegal immigrants, gangs, corrupt politicians and the whiniest residents of any big city in the US. Chicago used to be a tough, blue-collar, gritty, hard-working city, but now it is nothing but a city of sissies and whiners. White people in Chicago try to act tough but the reality is that white neighborhoods in Chicago are comparable to the lamest suburbs. The minority neighborhoods are gang and violence ridden and beyond hope, but all the white Chicago brats pretend they used to live in one of those neighborhoods or know it well. Chicagoans still love those old Saturday Night Live skits about "Da Bulls" and "Da Bears," but there really is no such thing as a Chicago accent anymore unless someone is trying to be cute and forces one out of their mouth. Also, Chicagoans love to talk about "Chicago winters," but most Chicagoans hate the winter and stink at driving in the snow. Honestly, when it snows in Chicago you'd think all the drivers were from Hawaii, that is how poorly Chicagoans drive in the snow. Liberal Democrats have wrecked Chicago but nobody will admit it. Nobody can afford to live there anymore due to the outrageous taxes to pay for all the city's corruption. The only deep-dish pizza you'll ever really see is at a handful of restaurants or on the Travel Channel. Most pizza places in Chicago are run-of-the-mill or local chains comparable to Dominos or Papa John's. Chicagoans think they are tough and conservative, but this is a city that banned goose liver in restaurants, considered starting a safe school for gay kids, banned all smoking in bars, and won't let the residents own a gun. All Chicago residents know that Chicago is basically a Midwest version of San Francisco but they'll never admit it. Yes, it used to be a great city, but it won't be ever again.
Chicago used to be a tough city, but it might as well be known as San Francisco, IL.
by Rudolph Schmidt March 07, 2009
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Best damn city in the world!
Chicago rocks hard, yo!
by some dude December 28, 2004
Truly one of the greatest cities in the entire nation. With a total population exceeding 2.9 million inside the city limits alone, multiple cultures and ethnicities, cool-sounding urban, midwestern nasal accents (see ear candy), a rich history, tons of museums, theaters, arcades, the Brookfield Zoo; the best pizza outside of New York City, and probably one of the best city skylines in the United States, Chicago has something to offer to everyone. It is a higher standard of a metropolis that all other American cities strive to be like(and many of them have succeeded in that: see Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, DC, Denver, Omaha, and Seattle.
Chicago is the ultimate economic, cultural, educational, business, entertainment, industrial, and population center of the Midwest.
by Republican Warrior March 29, 2005
One of the most, if not the most, beautiful cities in the US.
"Chicago is the Verona of America," (spoken with an Italian accent).
by Max Moriarty June 28, 2005
Big city with a beautiful skyline. Although geographically placed in the Midwestern state of Illinois, it should be considered it's own state since the rest of the midwest is filled with drunk redneck republicans.
"So your from Illinois?"
"No-I'm from Chicago"
by Laur December 10, 2004
hottest city alive, i live there
go to chicago muh fucka
by orielah February 25, 2005
If you keep saying that only gangs are from there, you have better been all over the damn city.
Chicago rules fuckers.
by Adrian Herrera January 08, 2005
one kickass town, home of the sears tower, hancock building, the navy pier, kapone, some kickass rappers like twista. If you can't hang here, don't bother trying. I live in the 'burbs though, but i've been therre plenty of times.
Chicago Kicks Ass
by mr. johnny March 05, 2004
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