MUST be from new york. Im glad that outta towners dont understand what chicago is all about, id rather enjoy my city without all the shitty attention and arrogance that LALA LAnd and New york get. Who gives a crap that LA is "2nd city", it has freakin 4 times as much land as chicago and only a few hundred thousand more people, hmm LA: only if your rich, a celeb, or a gangster New York: only if you want desiner clothes, live in a skyscraper "paradise"(by the way, didnt Chicago INVENT THE SKYSCRAPER!!!!) and be treated like shit by everyone living there and elsewhere. Chicago PWNS all. dirty lake and dirty river?!?!?! LOL ever look at the east hudson river? nuff said --->lake michigan, best drinking water in the WORLD...yes, THE WORLD why you think LA want a pipe built from chicago to california, hmm yea. you can keep hollywood, who gives a shit about celebrities. you can keep times square, carson daley sucks ass. you can keep beverly hills, we dont need plastic surgeons here in chitown. you can keep your shitty architecture. Murder capital, hell yea, get the fuck out if you dont like! pussies
Mcdonalds, disney, skyscrapers...yes all from chicago
by northsider1983 August 21, 2005
The best city in the whole world! The best people come from the midwest, and the best of the midwest is located in Chicago Illinois. This city is not only home to awesome food like pizza and hotdogs, the Sears Tower, Lake Michigan, Six Flags Great America, Woodfield Mall, and the Mag Mile, but it is home to the best people on earth!
There's no place like home - sweet home, Chicago.
#chicago #chitown #midwest #illinois #il #sears #tower #great #america #woodfield #mall #pizza #hot #dog #lake #michigan #best #awesome #amazing #fantastic
by ChitownGirlie July 10, 2008
A kickass jazzy group. Known for their laid back style of music. Potheads get high while they listen to it and rich brats listen to it while they snort their crack. It brings the people together.
Heh, put in that Chicago CD!
by rubywpnmaster June 16, 2004
The second-hardest thing in the world may be getting a New Yorker to move to Chicago, but the hardest thing in the world is getting him to move back.
New Yorker, on being told he is moving to Chicago: No!

Same guy a year later, on being told he is moving back to New York: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
#chicago #new york #best city #second city #city of broad shoulders
by The Chicagoan July 29, 2010
The largest city in Illinois and the largest by far in the Midwest. America's 3rd largest city, with almost 3 million in the city alone, plus another 5 or 6 million in the rest of the metro area in two other states (Indiana and Wisconsin).

Carl Sanduburg calls it the "city of Big Shoulders," but most people are more familiar with it being the "windy city." This term has nothing to do with meteorology, but came from the city's loud-mouthed politicians boasting about its greatness (which it definately has) during the Chicago World's Fair. Chicago is the cultural, commercial and tranportation center of the Midwest. It has the world's 2nd busiest airport (O'Hare Airport), one of the world's tallest buildings (1,450 foot Sears Tower) and one of the country's busiest freeways (the Dan Ryan and Kennedy Expressways), and the largest hub of the world's 2nd largest airline (United).

Chicago is a great place for young, hip, urban professionals wanting stuff to do, and is a good alternative to living in New York with the lower cost of living. It has all kinds of pro sports teams: 'da Bears, Cubs, Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks. It is so serious about its sports, that a White Sox fan in south Chicago would NEVER walk around this side of town with a Cubs shirt or vice-versa. The city has great museums. The Art Institute of Chicago, the Adler Planetarium, Museum of Natural History and Museum of Science and Industry are the most popular. There are bars all over the place. And there's tons of shopping. The Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue is like Canal street in New York. Chicago evens has beaches. Lake Michigan is a great place to swim, sunbathe or people watch in the summer--it's even good for ice fishing.
Chicago is way better than New York anyday. At least the people are more real.
#midwest #illinois #great lakes #lake michigan #severe winters
by krock1dk May 23, 2008
Forget New Nork. Chicago is better! It has everything New York does (including a a large Stock Exchange) except with friendlier people and a more affordable cost of living. Chicago has anything and everything: a better location in the center of the country, culture, quisine (like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and the Gold Coast Dog), education, mass transit, enormous lakefront, an IVY league university, architecture (Chicago has America's tallest building while New York does not), China Town, shopping- especially on Michigan Avenue, sports teams (dont forget 'da Bears!), the world's 2nd busiest airport, the Chicago Symphony, The Museum of Science and Industry, the Adler Planetarium, the Art Institute and dont forget numerous jobs of all types. Chicago may only be one-third the size of New York but it can kiss Chicago's ass.
Chicago is probably the best major city in the country! Go to hell New York!
#lake michigan #midwest #corn belt #illinois #windy city
by krock1dk September 30, 2007
The best city in America and my “second home town!!” America’s 3rd largest urban area with almost 10 million people in 3 states (Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin) along the southwest shore of Lake Michigan. It is a very large metro area that may not be as big as New York or Los Angeles, but is America’s largest inland city and more metropolitan in profile than the latter (at least Chicago has cleaner air and adequate public transportation unlike L.A.). Its most common nickname, “the windy city” actually has nothing to do with meteorology. Although windy (especially during its frigid winters when winds come off Lake Michigan), it stems from its boasting politicians in the 1800s during the world’s fair about the city’s greatness, which it no doubt has. It is the cultural, commercial and transportation center of the Midwest and is a very diverse city with a lot to offer: beaches, a huge lakefront, arts, museums, culture, shopping along Michigan Avenue, awesome architecture (the Sears Tower is among the tallest buildings in the world and the city is building the Chicago Spire, which will surpass Sears as the tallest building in the U.S.), Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, the Gold Coast Dog and one of the world’s busiest airports. The Chicago Metropolitan area contains over half of Illinois’ state population. Not surprisingly, Chicago has so many things to see and do: Navy Pier, shopping along Michigan Avenue, going to a ball game, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, the Adler Planetarium, the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Brookfield Zoo, go swimming in polluted Lake Michigan (unless it’s the middle of a frigid winter) or going to Lake Geneva for the weekend. The worst thing about Chicago may be its gang problem (who doesn’t have gangs?) and extreme climate: hot and humid summers and frigid winters. Just try exposing yourself to the winds of Lake Michigan in January. If climate is the worst thing about Chicago then I’d say things are pretty good. New York can go screw itself. New Yorkers are fake and Chicagoans are real. Chicago over New York any day.
Chicago is the best large city in America!!
#midwest #lake michigan #gold coast dogs #deep dish pizza #michigan avenue
by krock1dk September 04, 2007
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