The United States has the largest health care system in the world, and Chicago is arguably the capital of that system. The city is first among the major dental and medical training centers in the United States. It is also home to the sprawling Illinois Medical District on the Near West Side, which includes Rush University Medical Center, the University of Illinois at Chicago medical center, and John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, the largest trauma-center in the city and the basis for the hospital in NBC's popular drama ER.

The American Medical Association, American Hospital Association, American Dental Association, and the American College of Surgeons are based in the city. The American Osteopathic Association is also located in Chicago.

The University of Illinois College of Medicine at UIC is the largest medical school in the United States (1300 students, including those at campuses in Peoria, Rockford and Urbana-Champaign). Chicago is also home to a large number of nationally recognized medical schools. These include the above-mentioned University of Illinois medical school, Rush Medical College, the Pritzker School of Medicine of the University of Chicago, and the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University. In addition, the Chicago Medical School and Loyola University Chicago's Stritch School of Medicine are located in the suburbs of North Chicago and Maywood, respectively. The Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine is located in Downers Grove.

The leading healthcare informatics organizations are located in Chicago, including the American Medical Informatics Association and the long-standing HIMSS Health Information Management Systems Society. These organizations include as members most healthcare I.T. vendors and the C.I.O./VP Technology leaders of most American healthcare operations.

Medical products and services companies headquartered in the Chicago area include Baxter International, Abbott Laboratories, and the Healthcare Financial Services division of General Electric.
It would be nice to work in Chicago as a doctor, a nurse, or anywhere in the medical/health care scene... better yet to just work in this beautiful place on any profession you like, period.

Move to Chicago now.

Nicer people.
Better lifestyle.
Great jobs.
by kc27 April 23, 2006
the best damn place in the world. the rest of the midwest is jealous because we're the only world recognized city in it. america's city and no others can compete. new york is cool but not chicago
midwest guy: gosh i wish i was in chicago its the only good place in the midwest
chicago guy: yeah i know right
by j blaze101 March 10, 2006
A) The metropolitan capital of the state of Illinois. Known also as the "Windy City." Chicago is the third-largest city in the U.S., and the largest inland city in the country.

B) A game played while smoking the sacred herb whereby an individual who is smoking holds in his hit until the joint/blunt/pipe/bub/bong has been passed all the way around the circle and back to said individual. Then, and only then, can he exhale his hit and take another.
A) Chicago is a pretty cool city, you should check it out.
B) Dude, let's play chicago with that joint and get lifted outta our skulls!
by IAmHydrogen August 10, 2005
Greatest place in the Midwest. A place where the street gangs are actually home grown unlike New York. No Bloods and Crips here, just Peoples and Folks. There are three sides, North, South, and West. The South Side is divided into Southwest and Southeast depending on the Dan Ryan Expressway. The North Side gets a rep for pussy ass white yuppies. The South Side and West Side is the real city aside from fancy skyscrapers you hear about. Chicago is a place dick ridden by people from Milwaukee, Indiana, Detroit, and most of all downstate. True capital of Illinois, home to the Sears Tower and birthplace of skyscrapers and the tallest buildings in the world.
People in Detroit don't like Chicago, because we actually have something to appeal to tourist. Many wannabe Chicago's in the Midwest, but there's only one.
by Quickdraw January 09, 2005
The largest city in the Midwest (pop. about 2.9 million). Has alot of museums and malls. More livible than N.Y.C. and not as expensive as L.A. Great resturauts. Nice people but don't piss them off. Large, beautiful skyline. Beats all other midwestern cities.
Indianapolis ain't got nothin on Chicago.
Chicago runs tha Midwest!
by ChicagoPhanatic November 23, 2006
A city that many kids you will meet in college say they are from only to learn they live 45 mins away in west suburban Naperville or some other faraway suburb.
"Where you from?"


"Oh yeah, what neighborhood you from?"

"Im..... actually from Naperville."
by KAsante2 August 03, 2011
Okay, I'm sick of all these false definitions from these out-of-town losers. First of all, the whites here aren't racist, what a stereotype from losers from cities who wish they were as big as Chicago. No, not everybody here is arrogant and mean. A lot of people here though are in a hurry. There was this idiot New Yorker here telling us to keep our dirty stuff and what not. The Hudson river in New York is a pretty polluted river so shut up. The schools here are very good actually, the magnet schools that is, the neighborhood schools can very. Chicago and New York city are the food capitols of the world. They both have great ethnic food, and there's a lot of it. Although, Chicago I bet is better with Mexican food. The architecture in Chicago for everyday life is pretty good. New York and L.A. are pretty expensive. Chicago can get very expensive too, but were not that big of con artists. For a matter of fact, we have a great police force, so shut up you out-of-town people. Our lake is pretty bad, but it's not really because of us. Our friends to the North like to dump sewage into it. Chicago is a very multi-ethnic town, so no, there is not a lot of "rednecks" here. Only the hip-hop/ghetto kids are usually the racist ones(not saying all). Yeah, the South side is pretty ugly, but there are some pretty parts. You people honestly expect everything to be perfect. EVERY CITY HAS IT'S UGLY PARTS! I bet the negative people who call Chicago "shit-cago" have only been here on the weekend or in college. Our sports teams are okay, sometimes they can be great, sometimes ok, and sometimes horrible. Chicago is a busy people because, WE WORK. Not like some lazy fuckers on the web site. So shut up already, you have to live here to define Chicago, not visit it and say how awful it was. It's a different part of the U.S., people usually get uncomfortable in other parts of the U.S. This country is like a lot of different countries. Our politics are alright, were not Conservatives here, we are mostly liberal. We have great orchestras. CPS I'll admit isn't that great,(except the magnet schools of course). You know what's great, if your a poor immigrant(and poor of course), you can do good in school and work hard, you will get far. Chicago schools give you a chance. In the summer it's flaming hot, and the winter is bone-chilling(not as much anymore). Chicago is a great place also because it has the Lake(no not for swimming and fishing only for you idiots out there). There is A LOT OF WATER. We have a great water-purification system so we have a ton of water to drink. Just stop saying negative things about Chicago. As I say again, every fucking city has it's problems. You just pick on our problems. I don't go to New York, Boston, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis etc. and say how bad of a city they are and pick on their problems (Unlike some total fucking idiots on this page, you know who you are). You offend me I'll disprove you and offend you back. I do not see a lot of rednecks here. Most of the city is from immigrant ancestry. SO FUCK YOU. All cities should be respected and not bashed by some fucking out of towners.
If you down this page, you better fucking e-mail me why and say why. You better have lived here for a while. You better be
pretty smart, or I can conclude your an idiot.

We are a great city. Fuck you negative people.
Don't make fun of Chicago unless you e-mail me a great reason and have lived here for a while.
by Michael Orlowski May 16, 2007
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