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1)One with excessive facial hair.
2)One who does not know how to shave.
3)A dirty squirrel-like boy.
Billy: Eww look at that drooling kid. He's got more hair on his face than anywhere else!
Sally: What a Chia!
by Earl Annie Edna July 22, 2008
A way of living, a style of life in which things are jsut layed back and relaxed
If you ain't down with Chia, well then you aint down at all
by gregory davidson October 15, 2005
someone who is excessively protective of their laptop
why are you being so chia?
by nato17 August 11, 2009
A neopet at www.neopets.com

This neopet almost got Neopets sued by the makers of the Chia Pet. However, Neopets won the lawsuit.
My Robot Draik had Chia Flour used on him, making him into a yellow Chia.
by Neopian November 06, 2003
Someone who ditches their friends to hangout with their boyfriend.
Stop being such a Chia!
by The ditches. July 14, 2010
Something that is tacky and/or to judge something as having no class or not to one's liking.
Did you see what she did? She was so chia.
And: Wearing that belt will look way chia.
Wow, that song is really chia.
by chowders November 25, 2007
(noun) A girl with lots of frizzy hair.
SBAC - Stop bein' a chia!
by Edy Hair Ball April 13, 2007