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6 definitions by Neopian

A loser on neopets who has nothing better to do than to scam people out of virtual money.

I bet they won't even be able to survive one day in the real world, without trying to trick someone into giving them their wallet.
Scammer: I'll write a neomail to someone named 'trixie_gurl832'. It'll say "You have recieved a warning from the Neopets Team. There is suspicion of sabotage...yada yada yada....please reply with your username, and pas5w0rd."

Me: *punches scammer*
by Neopian November 06, 2003
A person who frequents www.neopets.com
I'm a neopian.
by Neopian November 06, 2003
Dark Battle Duck on Neopets.com
However, the DBD was downgraded.
by Neopian November 06, 2003
A neopet at www.neopets.com

This neopet almost got Neopets sued by the makers of the Chia Pet. However, Neopets won the lawsuit.
My Robot Draik had Chia Flour used on him, making him into a yellow Chia.
by Neopian November 06, 2003
1. Battle Duck
2. Battle Dome
1. Lorenzo the Chia used his BD on May's Lupe named Kenny.
by Neopian November 06, 2003
A dragon neopet that is resistant to the hotter places of Neopia.
My Scorchio likes the heat.
by Neopian November 06, 2003