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A group sexual position named after some airline (ask around an airport and you might figure out who and why) in which the recipient of The Delta assumes a "diaper changing position" and is penetrated anally and punched in the nuts (or vagina) by one partner, as the other partner strangles the recipient with a telephone wire and shits in their mouth.
If you travel enough or work for an airline sooner or later you will know exactly what "The Delta" feels like.
by Richie Rich Anderson January 27, 2010
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noun: a very selfish and disgustingly ugly girl who resembles the upper part of the human ass crack and who shows no concern for anyone around her because she is fat but thinks she is beautiful. many of the common signs that a girl may be THE DELTA is that she is a very fast driver and complains about everything.
THE DELTA was talking shit about an ugly girl and said to the person sitting next to her "thank god i'm not as ugly as she is!" then the person responds "you're looking in the mirror."

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