my dog chewy
my boy chewy will chew you up and spit you out
by jer a.k.a L.kor October 07, 2003
when you use too much teeth, while giving oral to your best friend's boyfriend.
Awww naw totally pulled a Chewy!
by Frooky July 22, 2005
Slang for foreskin, the extra skin that hangs off men's cocks. aka (ant-eater dick, aardvark dick, slinky dick) etc...
My girlfriend still doesn't know that I have a chewey.
by John Paul October 28, 2003
Something that is cool; its a mix between choice and awesome.
That shirt is chewy.
by psycho chick!! June 04, 2005
a name for a mentally retarded person.
look at that chewy over there
by j-smooth December 14, 2003
a word to describe how sexy a person is
i'm feeling chewy today
by Chewy March 01, 2005
Chewy is the emoest emo boy ever he sits in a conor 'nd slits his writs he has a dog named scotty & the dog hates him.. he listens to Avril Lavigne haha wut a loser
look at that boys hes soo chewy.. haha
by Missi moo February 08, 2005

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