1.the awsomest nickname ever.
2.usually used to describe incredible women who are independent beautiful dominating intelligent and humorous.
1.Chewy you're the best!!
2.wow! you're chewy ma'!
by gordoniño August 26, 2007
Describes rich, heavy, tannic wines that are full-bodied.
That Opus is pretty chewy.
by ibil December 02, 2004
A hideously ugly creature that has a mane of mangy red hair and thinks it's the smartest thing ever.
"Oh, god not chewy!"
by Han March 21, 2005
When a girl's pussy is hairy and nasty.
" She showed me it and I was like Holy Shit its Chewy."
by Klondike Barry April 22, 2007
when you use too much teeth, while giving oral to your best friend's boyfriend.
Awww naw dude...you totally pulled a Chewy!
by Frooky July 22, 2005
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