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a word that a few people from where i live in dublin call an erection
Aw dude ive got a chewy
by andyMan87 April 14, 2007
10 42
Describes rich, heavy, tannic wines that are full-bodied.
That Opus is pretty chewy.
by ibil December 02, 2004
13 46
A hideously ugly creature that has a mane of mangy red hair and thinks it's the smartest thing ever.
"Oh, god not chewy!"
by Han March 21, 2005
8 42
When a girl's pussy is hairy and nasty.
" She showed me it and I was like Holy Shit its Chewy."
by Klondike Barry April 22, 2007
14 49
Leetest mother phizzle up in dis bizatch
Chewy hax
by ent September 27, 2003
9 45
Chewy- Something that is cool its a mix between choice and awesome.
That shirt is chewy!
by psycho chick!! June 04, 2005
3 40
my dog chewy
my boy chewy will chew you up and spit you out
by jer a.k.a L.kor October 07, 2003
7 44