Meaning you
What chew doin?
by Missy August 04, 2003
Chew - Also Known As Chewing Tobacco, Smokeless Tobacco; The Greasiest Item Sold At Gas Stations, Looks Like Shit, Tastes Like Shit, And Worse Of All, Smells Like Shit, So You Have The Triple Shit Factor Going For You. Made For Pussies Who Are Afraid To Inhale Ciggys.
Man You Gotta a Chew?

No Man, I Gotta Fuckin' Brain.
by kr3wpra February 16, 2010
Slang verb used in reference to smoking weed.
Question: "Yo bro, who do you chew with?"
Answer: "Mostly with my boy Mike but sometimes with another group of guys."
by JimmyRadashvilli April 23, 2008
To eat a pussy OUT or for a girl TO SUCK A DICK
I WANTED THAT BITCH to suck ym dick but she said two can chew AND I AINT DOWN FOR THAT
by BAD BOY KILLA47 January 01, 2007

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