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To be caught up under someone all the time.
To stick around and not leave.
To be annoying and impatient
I don't know if I like this brother no more cause he be chewing on me about that money I owe him.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
A Christian Jew. The contraction on CH from Christian and EW from Jew.
Brevon is a stupid Chew sometimes!
by Hot69Grind March 02, 2006
To defeat an opponent in a rapping battle.
Busta Rymes chewed up ja Rule with hail mary 2003.
by ch-u April 25, 2003
dirty south word for esctasy pill or to chew ecstasy pills.
I am rollin' off these chews.
by H. M. November 07, 2006
Means the same thing as cha. Just a really chill way to say yes or agreed when you come from the Rick the hardest town in Long Island.
Andrew: Yo wanna go skell hunting?
Ricky: Chew mane.
by Rickymane June 27, 2006
Meaning you
What chew doin?
by Missy August 04, 2003
texas slang for head
roses are red
violets are blue
shut up with the bullshit talkin
and give up the chew

jante 2002 SHS
by nani pilikia February 21, 2005