(African usage) to spend; to use up
Not two weeks had passed before he had chewed all the money we sent him.
by ciotog September 11, 2003
To have something to eat.
Meaning the actual chewing of the food or the process of getting something to eat an
Q: "Are you keen to get a chew?"
A: "I'm mad keen to have a chew."
by Diego July 12, 2003
Having little to no qualities or favorable characteristics. Also commonly used to describe something that is busted, hella-lame, bush-league, or relates to The Bunch, St. Nick, or Billy.
Good God, the jams at this place are so fucking chew I want to burn it down., or

Don - Yo Five, I gotta miss the game today cause I have a hella - stinger in belly from last night.

Five - Chewwww!
by DDG III September 27, 2007
An expression that basically translates to "damn, that's nasty/foul/disgusting".
Used mostly to describe ghetto(adj) things.
Damn, get away from me, you crackhead. Chewwww!!
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
going down on a hairy bitch
Rachael got some chew from Nate.
by Nate Cherry February 01, 2008
To be caught up under someone all the time.
To stick around and not leave.
To be annoying and impatient
I don't know if I like this brother no more cause he be chewing on me about that money I owe him.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
founder of xnetradio.com, can be a really cool at times.
chew was cool on instant messenger, but then he bitched me out on the jeff and chew show
by uberfuck May 30, 2004

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