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Usually The case is where some pledges to protect another person And do whatever they say

Being extremly Loyal and Protecting One Person or More
Chevalier: I Promise to You that i Shall Be with you Forever And Protect You from Any One even If it cost me my Life"

chevalie: I want you to help me Save my brother/Sister/Mother/Father"

Chevalier: if that is what you wish. I shall help You with whatever you ask of me"
by 10.18.'s Protector December 18, 2007
worthy of or exciting ridicule; absurd, preposterous, laughable, or contemptible, ridiculous

Very silly, deserving to be laughed at
That guy tried to sell T-Shirts with marker on them for 400 Bucks.

That's so chevalier!
by portA nigrA 365 January 15, 2011
to be hung like a horse in the genital area
Giddy up, that dude is chevalier!!!
by anono mouse June 01, 2005
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