Used like dude, man, G.
Wazzup, chet?
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
a jock who says he get action but gets nuthing
Your acting like a Chet
by charlie November 30, 2003
Past tense of chat
I was on msn all day and chet with my mates
by Admiral Face December 01, 2009
yorkshire dialect for cheated
'you chet on them'
by thegreatescape May 10, 2009
Chet is the stereotypical college student we all know and hate. Chet always wears at least two popped collars at any given time. The more popped collars a Chet wears simultaneously, the higher up on the "Cheterarchy" he is. The Chets at the top of this Cheterarchy own shirts that are literally made entirely of popped collars stitched together with lacoste symbols. Chet is never seen without his beret, scarf, birkenstocks, and hemp pants. Chet wears tweed underwear. He made the soccer team, but was promptly kicked off after failing a drug test. Chet dabbles in lacrosse, but his true passion is ultimate frisbee. The mannerisms of a Chet are easy to spot. Chet's favorite words are "bro", "beer" and "bong". He likes to call people "squares", and he always speaks at least twice as loud as the situation calls for. Chet majors in English and spends his days listening to Phish. If you see a Chet, the trick is to steal his shirt. Without popped collars, a Chet is powerless, and the other Chets he is with will quickly demote him to "square" status.
"Yo bro, pass me the beer bong" Chet drunkenly demanded, his 96 popped collars drenched in sweat from an exhausting game of ultimate frisbee.

"Yeah bro, that kid's such a square. Let's light up, bro."
by Shagnasty McShaggerton March 12, 2008
Short for Chester. As in Chester the (child) Molester. Whether literal or as a joke.
John: Did you hear Jason's dating a 15 year old?
Josh: Isn't Jason like 21?
John: Yeah, he's such a Chet!
by LilRukas December 17, 2007
A moron who cant do anything without cocking it up.
The plumber was round yesterday but didnt have the right tools, what a complete CHET.
by Spaggo April 21, 2004

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