Chet is a codeword for a fart...
(While females are in the room)
Female - eww whats that smell?
Mark - haha who let chet in?!?
Female - whos chet?
Collin - ahhhh chets here!!!
by Collin January 01, 2005
A term describing a male that acts as if he is better than everyone else. Usually a qualified individual for being branded as "Chet" is easily spotted. They like wearing preppy clothes including pink shirts and occasionally can be seen wearing a visor either turned sideways on their head or completely upside down.

Country Club Member: "I don't buy my clothes at the thrift store!...I recommend you get a new wardrobe if you want to play golf here!

Visitor: "Oh...OK...thanks there Chet!"
by Three B January 28, 2009
a stupid arsefuck who fails at life and posts ludacris amounts of bulletins. usually complete with rubbish hair and a fat ass from sitting down all day whilst on myspace.
Guy 1: *posts 37 bulletins consecutively*
Guy 2: Omg you're such a chet!"
Guy 1: I lose at life =
by Cheese Guevara August 04, 2007
A college student who wears his collar up and shops at American Eagle or Gap, etc... usually drinks one Hard Mike's Lemonade and responds, "Dude I am sooo wasted"... Also known to wear hemp products.
Man, frat boys are all chets
by Adam August 10, 2004
A gay man
He is such a chet, the kid in the rainbow shirt!
by Jay February 17, 2004

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