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A severly lop-sided sided fight where one party get the shit beat out of them while the other person does the beating!
Did you see the fight? That dude doubled as a punching bag, he didnt even get a throw in, damn he got molly whopped!
by Rone December 01, 2004
Inflected Forms: Chetted, Chetting
Etymology: Old High German & Old Norse
1.a: to bungle; to create disrepair; to introduce disorder in a seemingly stable environment; to cause irreparable damage unknowingly and without guile, usually self-inflicted and followed by half-hearted attempts at remediation.
Billy chetted himself when he failed to notice his dick was not completely out of his pants before relieving himself.
by Rone December 05, 2003
When you drink so much your amazed to be alive the next day
Friend A : you drinking tonight?
Friend B: I'm about to get so drunk, pretty sure I'm gonna get right with the church
Friend A: oof, it's like that....aight, tell Jesus I said hello
by Rone January 25, 2015
The type of deep sleep that feels like you've been in a coma.
Guy: Your eyes aren't bloodshot for a change, finally got some sleep huh?

Friend: Actually, I didn't even dream.... was knocked out for 10hrs. I think I was in a coma. I'm surprised I didn't wake up with a nurse by my side.

Guy: Damn G, that's more than just sleep......that's scloma!

Friend: Whats scloma?

Guy: Sleep + Coma = Scloma
by Rone July 14, 2014
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