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Large mass of turd that is shaped in a mound like fashion, often rising above the toilet water before flushing and incapable of being flushed without assistance. Genesis of term is from the movie Weird Science, where Bill Paxton's character is turned into a talking mound of crap.
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! This fucking Chet won't flush.
by Ayj August 02, 2006
see Cheddar
much funner and easier to say . not as much of an insult
that guy is fuckin chet!
by punch December 27, 2004
a jock who says he get action but gets nuthing
Your acting like a Chet
by charlie November 30, 2003
A "Chet" is a very sexy/hot hipster who wears things like cut-offs, flats, Toms, and crocheted berets. He may have tattoos or peircings. Most Chets get lip rings, often have diamond or rose tattoos and they're usually quite lanky. They frequently use phrases such as,"fer sher" and "no worries".

They take frequent coffee breaks from they're part-time jobs at retail stores (ex: shoe store). You would see them in probobly the most random places (ex: metal shows) but NEVER at the mall.
ex:Dayum! A Chet just walked out of the cafe!
by goat lover <3 January 30, 2010
Past tense of chat
I was on msn all day and chet with my mates
by Admiral Face December 01, 2009
yorkshire dialect for cheated
'you chet on them'
by thegreatescape May 10, 2009
a immigrant from serbia,often ripped on for their chettness by a superior homosapien; walks like a duck and is most likly to be found in a dumpster behinde your neighbourhood cheese boutique
"only chets have cows in their living rooms"

"u just got put in a garbage can, your a chet"
by maria the chet February 05, 2008