A superficial, shallow prettyboy who adheres to magazines like Maxim, GQ as their personal bible. Chets mostly have corporate jobs...predominately in sales, and spend much of their disposable income on designer clothes, expensive watches, cologne, jewelry, nice cars, etc....often beyond their means, with the primary goal of impressing the ladies and making other Chets jealous. They have little interest in anything besides money, sports, women, and their jobs and are usually unable to hold a conversation on anything but these topics. Their primary goal is to "get chicks" and they often go out with main purposes of getting drunk, getting high, and getting laid. They hang out in packs, are loud, obnoxious, and judge each other soley on their superficial possessions and their success in getting laid. They have little culture, and basically like whatever fashion style, music, etc, is popular at the time (or whatever Maxim or GQ tells them to like).

Basically, a Chet is the next step in evolution of a stereotypical fratboy.

The term's origin comes from Wyatt's older brother Chet (played by Bill Paxton) in the 80's movie "Weird Science".
Chet in the movie is a different kind of Chet though, as he's more of a meathead goobah than a GQ prettyboy. Therefore, the term "Chet" can be used interchangeably between the two.
Bob just got a subscription to Maxim. What a F-ckin' Chet.
by CB2 January 18, 2006
The callsign of an S-3B pilot who lives in Jacksonville, Fl. Possibly based on Bill Paxton's character from Wierd Science because when he drinks he turns into a dick. His sexuality is jokingly suspect and his choice of progressive clothes are often a topic of discussion.
Is chet gay, or what is with that guy? Have you seen his closet?
by J.O. Vidar August 03, 2006
A pet that is like a child to it's owner(s). Child+Pet= Chet.
Our chets are so spoiled they feel they have to sleep in the bed with us.
by cdw Rapid City, SD November 09, 2010
see Cheddar
much funner and easier to say . not as much of an insult
that guy is fuckin chet!
by punch December 27, 2004
An extremely rugged manly man, especially as it refers to bikers. Like to drink heavy dark beer and then name his bike after the beer.
Damn, Brian may sound gay, but he's actually a real Chet.
by vicjacoby July 12, 2004
A "Chet" is a very sexy/hot hipster who wears things like cut-offs, flats, Toms, and crocheted berets. He may have tattoos or peircings. Most Chets get lip rings, often have diamond or rose tattoos and they're usually quite lanky. They frequently use phrases such as,"fer sher" and "no worries".

They take frequent coffee breaks from they're part-time jobs at retail stores (ex: shoe store). You would see them in probobly the most random places (ex: metal shows) but NEVER at the mall.
ex:Dayum! A Chet just walked out of the cafe!
by goat lover <3 January 30, 2010
Short for Chester. As in Chester the (child) Molester. Whether literal or as a joke.
John: Did you hear Jason's dating a 15 year old?
Josh: Isn't Jason like 21?
John: Yeah, he's such a Chet!
by LilRukas December 17, 2007
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