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This term was coined after watching the movie Little Miss Sunshine and is used to describe having to push or roll start your manual transmission vehicle to get the engine started.
Ami: Oh my god. Frikking battery has died again!

Trav: Well we have two options. We can call RACQ or we can Little Miss Sunshine it!

Ami: I don't have an hour to wait for a jumpstart. Let's Little Miss Sunshine it!
by amicee03 June 02, 2007
A person who has red hair, most likely will be afflicted with the common condition known as having "strubes". In other words, you might say that a red haired person has strawberry coloured pubes as opposed to the regular garden variety types like black, brown or blonde.
Jim: Oi, reckon the rednut over there has strubes?
by amicee03 May 28, 2007
A small piece of poop on the end of a pube. Bears a striking resemblence to a cherry (the fruit).
Damo: Arrrggghh! I just itched my butthole and pulled out a cherry!
by amicee03 May 28, 2007

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